Litigation – Spanish Legal Services

The judicial litigation department brings together the areas of civil , criminal , commercial and employment law. Thanks to their specialised knowledge of the vicissitudes of court proceedings in each of the matters described , our lawyers act in defence of your interests before the relevant judicial authorities with complete control of the relevant procedural stages. As a general rule, one unfortunately cannot expect of legal proceedings in this State that they be either fast or effective, given the backlog of cases and poor motivation or preparation of some of the main participants. For this reason, to an increasing degree, the constructive and proactive vision of a specialist in litigation and procedural law is required, who with their expertise and experience, can advance the litigation in the manner necessary to protect the interests of the client whilst at the same time diligently applying the various resources provided by law , in order to prevent the irregular functioning of the courts so prejudicial to the interests of the client. By reason of the above, procedural discipline has become one of the most important tools in order to succeed in proceedings before courts and tribunals .

  • Representation at trial.
  • Interlocutory relief (freezing orders and injunctions)
  • Judgment mortgages.
  • Declarations of nullity of proceedings
  • Declaratory orders relating to intervening/superior interests.