International Law Services

Private international law is a basic component of many transactions in today’s business world: both individuals and corporations have an increasing tendency to enter legal relations outside the State’s borders, and from this flows the necessity, which is becoming ever more pronounced , for the advice of a specialist who understands the requirements of trans-border transactions. Unfortunately this discipline has not formed part of the educational training of legal professionals and agents of the administration of justice in our country to date. It therefore requires a proactive attitude by a specialist lawyer , who must plug the gaps left by some of our legal agents and encourage the application of foreign law where necessary , by formally proving the same, as well using all the relevant supranational legal instruments which , to an increasing degree , are becoming of mandatory application (EU directives , international conventions ..) .
In addition to resolving cross-border conflicts, SLS have permanent presence in Ireland , where most clients from Northern European countries are attended to.

  • enforcement of foreign judgments
  • asset – management for foreign investors
  • Contracts for international transactions
  • Jurisdictional disputes / Conflicts of law
  • Succesion Law with international implications
  • Formation of foreign companies.