Criminal Legal Services in Spain From Spanish Legal Services

In intensive coordination with the other departments, our criminal law specialists are responsible for the legal representation of our clients before the courts whether by reason their being accused of a crime or intervening as a Private Prosecutor where our client has been the victim of a crime. It is the view of this firm that the protection of the rights of every person involved in criminal proceedings, whether they be accused persons or the victim of a crime, is the cornerstone of the rule of law , and we work to ensure that the rights of our clients are strictly applied in criminal proceedings so that these rights are not violated or subjected to arbitrary and prejudicial interpretation.

  • White collar (economic) crime
  • Domestic violence
  • Criminal liability related to familial duties.
  • Representation in police investigations
  • Jury Trials
  • Proceedings before the Audiencia Nacional (for investigation and trial of serious crime on a national level)
  • corporate crime
  • misdemeanors / Minor offences.